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If you have any questions about the development of WeChat public account for website construction , please call: 13599913151/18950072435 for consultation.

  • Longba Micro Mall

    Longba micro mall <br> Micro mall, micro distribution

  • Tianmai Art Network

    Tianmai Art Network <br> Custom Mall

  • Jingxi Nongyou

    Jingxi <br> Shopping mall, fresh e-commerce platform

  • Minyuan preferred

    Minyuan preferred
    B2C e-commerce platform

  • China Organic Vegetable Network

    China Organic Vegetables Network <br> Mall, O2O Fresh Platform, Vegetable Speed, Sell Vegetables Online

  • Chuzhou Home Improvement

    Chuzhou home improvement <br> Home improvement, home e-commerce

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营销顾问 售后服务 Technical consulting marketing consultant

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Customer Service Specialist
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Services you need

Revamp of existing website
I need to do WeChat marketing
Building a brand new corporate website
Looking for long-term cooperative companies, need annual service
I need to do shopping mall
I need to make a system platform
I need enterprise cloud services
I need to do website and number trusted authentication
Our company has activities that need to settle in Xiamen activity banks to participate in promotion cooperation

Your focus

High functional requirements
High requirements for design creativity
Need to pay for shopping
Search engine ranking


2-5 thousand 5 thousand to 10,000 10,000-30,000 More than 30,000 Project requires tender

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